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Behind the Paint

Hey! My name is Jessica Brooks, the owner and founder of Mango & Paint. I am a Pacific Northwest-based painter and graphic designer. I specialize in tattoo designs, digital collages and rich-colored paintings. My inspiration comes from many sources, mainly natural and celestial. The aim of my work is to speak to the space between imagination and reality, my hope is to build a connection with those who watch my journey as an artist.


 Creating authentic art has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I am a reliable, quick-learning designer and illustrator. My strengths lie in the versatility of my art style. I use a combination of saturated colors, detailed line drawings and realistic compositions to keep my art well-rounded and thought-provoking. I aim to keep my clients’ needs in mind and push to create the best version of their vision in my work. I collaborate with a consistent flow of clients to create graphic designs, book illustrations, tattoo designs, paintings and logos. I started my company, Mango & Paint, as a platform for me to showcase my passions and deliver quality designs to anyone who likes my style of work. I encourage you to take a look at my Instagram page; it features real-time flow of my proudest work.

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